Think BIG. Think Bruggeman’s Yeast

It was in the early 80s that Bruggeman developed Bruggeman Instant Yeast. We were one of the very first yeast manufacturers to market dehydrated yeast. To this day, Bruggeman Instant Yeast belongs to the absolute top products in the world and is exported to over 60 countries in all five continents. Bruggeman Instant Yeast is processed worldwide in both small traditional and large commercial bakeries

Bruggeman has a strongly developed worldwide network of importers and distributors. Our commercial team stimulates – by intensive travelling – personal contacts with overseas partners, an essential aspect for responding to the customer’s wishes.

Today, Bruggeman has become one of the few manufacturers of first-class dry yeast in the world. This explains exactly why Bruggeman received the highly prestigious “Great Oscar for Exports” award a couple of years ago, personally presented by the Crown Prince of Belgium.