Milcow is the brand which offers a source of natural energy for all

Rich in calcium, vitamins and carbohydrates, the Milcow brand is particularly popular with sports enthusiasts and health-conscious people.

Hochwald produces quality foodstuffs mainly from one raw material – milk – for people around the whole world. With subsidiaries and production sites in Germany and abroad, we have a local presence and are close to our customers.

As a company with a cooperative basis, we have been pursuing long-term strategies since 1932 and strive to improve daily. More than two billion kg milk are processed annually into high quality milk products at sites in Germany and the Netherlands. With the National Dairy Products, National Brands, Cheese, Ingredients and International business units, we specialize in product groups and target markets, which enables us to adapt efficiently to customer needs.

We endeavor to develop and create products that meet the requirements and desires of our customers and fulfil our corporate social responsibilities. Our common goal is to act in a fair, sustainable and responsible manner – as a cooperative, as a food producer, as an employer and as a business partner.