Mom’s Choice vegetable oil is a fine quality product. From raw material acceptance to final product, production is carried out through many stages. At the factory entrance, raw materials are subjected to analysis within the framework of the specifications determined by the factory. vegetable oil as crude oil is accepted when the suitability of the specs is ensured by analysis. Acceptance is not carried out if there is no compliance. Crude vegetable Oil enters a 6-step refining process. As a 6 separate stages configuration of the refining process exists only in Mom’s Choice brand in Indonesia. Crude vegetable oil completes the refining process in 36 hours through 6 separate stages. 36 hour period does not vary in Refined vegetable oil production.

Thanks to this superior technology, each Mom’s Choice vegetable Oil product is produced flawlessly in 6 stages and 36 hours. After refining, the bottling and palletizing process with 4.0 robotic technology is completed and ready for our consumers. In the production of first or one millionth pieces, all Mom’s Choice vegetable oil products produced today or ten years later continue to be produced at the same quality every time. You can test every Mom’s Choice branded product in your kitchens, where the negativities are removed at maximum level, the natural oil structure is not disturbed, the plant benefits are kept to the maximum level. Fry the French Fries loved by all ages with the vegetable Oil branded Mom’s Choice, place on a napkin after frying. You will observe that there is no oil left on the napkin, crispy flavors, fast frying performance, no getting oily when you touch the potatoes. You will find out no existence of negativities which eye can detect such as getting oily / absorbed oil and deterioration of oil. We also determine the negativities that you can not detect with every stage of production, and remove.