A family business dedicated entirely to you

Since our beginnings in 1969, quality has been our mantra, our pioneering products, which have become part of everyday life, have allowed us to get closer and closer to consumers.

Calidad Pascual is an story of tenacity and consistency in which you are the protagonist. A Pioneering adventure, in which people like you motivate us to take risks, leading the way whilst continually learning.
To rise above expectations with the quality of our brands; to assist with your general well-being; to contribute to the welfare of society and to the protection of the environment.

An adventure of integrity that works to offer you the best. For the passion of always surpassing expectations, looking for ways to grow and to continue creating value together.

We are committed to satisfying the needs of consumers by offering them health, nutrition, quality of life and well being and being a trustworthy ally for customers.

We base our development on diversification and independence, leading the markets with innovative, quality and branded products and services, and a commitment to permanent and collective achievement in order to achieve excellence in management.

In this way, we will achieve the loyalty of consumers, customers and collaborators, be a company in continuous progress, which transcends and generates value and results in both an ethical and sustainable manner.