From humble beginnings on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, almost 150 years ago, our parent company Westland Milk Products continues to craft high-quality dairy products for markets around the globe.

We are proud of our past. The courageous decisions and pioneering spirit of previous generations have shaped our company into today’s successful, independent, entirely dairy farmer-owned business.

The journey begins in our West Coast heartland.

Our delicious, high-quality products are crafted from healthy cows on lush pasture.

This, combined with our beautiful West Coast landscape, where fertile soils and high levels of rainfall and sunshine are abundant, make for one of the best dairy farming environments in the world.

Free-range cows, predominantly jersey and kiwi-cross, graze the South Island’s lush Coastal and Canterbury pastures year-round. Healthy cows and quality grass help produce excellent milk; all elements which pair perfectly to help us create Westgold’s unique, rich flavour and award-winning products.

Loved for its flavour and renowned for its versatility.

Westgold butter is traditionally churned using the time-honoured Fritz Churn method to produce a creamier texture.