International Trade

International Trade

One of the essential aspects of our company is international trading as our initial work goes back to importing goods to the early 1990s. One of the leading promoters of international activities in the country, we have been focused mainly on introducing a varied range of products from overseas during the initial years. In the last three decades, we have strategically extended our trading to global countries, serving counterparts in more than 36 countries worldwide.

The international trading activities by our company have been differentiated as below:

Industrial Trading
This sector focuses on sourcing industrial raw materials from around the world, and we ensure supplying them to wholesale traders and local food manufacturing companies.

FMCG Distribution
Our Group holds most active partnerships with some of the popular brands in the FMCG sector. Popular brands such as Chef Choice, AA Foods, and many more companies share a great bond and regular dealings with our company. We make sure that almost all the products of these brands are easily accessible in the consumer market of Myanmar through reliable and effective distributors and traders.

Food and Beverage Industry
Our group imports and distributes high-quality foodstuffs for the food and beverage industry, and is a leading player in the F&B sector in Myanmar. We help contribute to a memorable and healthy dining moment by sourcing top quality F&B products.